Meet our team.

Brainchild Commodity Intelligence has a unique team in place to accompany you and your organization on the energy markets. Feel free to contact us.

  • Wouter Alblas

    Wouter Alblas

    Managing Director/Trader

  • Klaas Dozeman MSc

    Klaas Dozeman MSc

    Meteorologist/Energy Forecaster

  • Bob Steevensz

    Bob Steevensz

    Manager Operations

  • Maickel Bonke MSc

    Maickel Bonke MSc


  • Thomas Ovaa MSc

    Thomas Ovaa MSc

    Portfolio Specialist/Trader

  • drs. Jan Meulenbelt

    drs. Jan Meulenbelt

    Director Risk & Compliance

  • dr. Andreas Schaller

    dr. Andreas Schaller

    Software Developer

  • Bart Hollema

    Bart Hollema


  • Jonas Amtsfeld MSc

    Jonas Amtsfeld MSc

    Data Specialist

  • Angelika Janiec

    Angelika Janiec

    Financial Officer

  • András A. Ajanidisz MSc

    AndrĂ¡s A. Ajanidisz MSc

    Software Developer